Photography Galleries

Nature & Landscapes Gallery

Nature & Landscapes

Earth’s beautiful landscape formations from mountains, deserts and seas

Abandoned Places Gallery

Abandoned Places

Lost and forgotten remnants of days gone by

Structures & Architecture Gallery

Structures & Architecture

Buildings, roads, cities and other man-made object

Black & White Gallery

Black & White

Photos in black and white and all shades of gray

Nature & Landscapes Gallery


Cascading waterfalls and other water formations caught in motion

Animals Gallery

Animals & Creatures

Majestic animals and other living creatures in the world

Crested Saguaro Gallery

Crested Saguaro Cactus

Rare and beautifully-deformed crested saguaro cactus, local to the Sonoran desert

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Stock Licensing & Prints

Stock Licensing

Stock Licensing

Looking for an awesome stock photo for your website, ad or media project? Find it here and let’s talk!

Fine Art Prints

Fine Art Prints

Looking for that special photo to go above your fireplace? You’ve come to the right place! I offer affordable paper prints up to fine art canvas prints.

About Dan Sorensen

I want to see the world and meet its people

Dan Sorensen is a photographer from Phoenix, Arizona focusing on natural landscapes and the beauty of decaying abandoned places. His primary interests are vast landscapes and historic abandoned structures. Dan’s passion for travel and meeting the world’s people have taken him all over the western United States and over half of America’s National Parks. His work has been recognized by the National Park Service, non-profit organizations and large corporations.

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These are a few of the companies and design agencies that have used my photography in their projects. More details about each project can be found on the Portfolio page.

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