Tatahatso Point in Arizona

Tatahatso Point

Saturday, July 18, 2015
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Tatahatso Point overlooks Point Hansbrough and the Colorado River in north-central Arizona. This huge meander is bigger than the ultra popular Horseshoe Bend a few miles north. That said, it isn’t nearly as easy to get to.

I was inspired to visit Tatahatso Point thanks to this awesome photograph by Mark Metternich. I spotted Mark’s photo while searching for interesting places in northern Arizona. Once I found where this place was, I had to visit!

One weekend in a hot July, my good buddy Ty Cook and I headed up to Flagstaff to escape the Phoenix heat for a few days. That evening, we photographed a cool storm and lightning over Sedona. The next day, we were off to finally visit Tatahatso Point about 80 miles north. The drive up Highway 89 was the usual Grand Canyon/Antelope Canyon traffic. Once we reached the small town of The Gap, we turned off onto Indian Route 6110 and headed west. It was only about a 20 minute drive on the dirt road until we reached Tatahatso point. The wind was absolutely mind-blowing as it trusted up the sheer cliff side. Ty and I stayed there for a good few hours getting shots and watching another awesome storm in the distance. We even got to witness some rare mammatus clouds briefly forming in the distance.

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