Seattle Skyline from the Pacific Tower's Roof

Seattle Skyline from the Pacific Tower's Roof

Friday, April 1, 2016
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Photos of the Seattle skyline almost always include the Space Needle. It is an iconic piece of Seattle’s downtown. I’ve even photographed it from Seattle’s Kerry Park. However when I think back to my childhood and what I remember as the Seattle skyline, I remember this view the most.

My aunt, uncle and cousins all lived in Bellevue, a suburb to the east of Seattle. When we visited them, we’d often drive westbound on Interstate 90 toward Bellevue Square, Mercer Island or even all the way into downtown Seattle. And this was the view I saw out of my uncle’s Ford pickup. I marveled at the Columbia Center standing tall and omninous. I remember seeing the Kingdome and the Olympic Mountains too if it was a clear day. I was amazed at how Interstates 5 and 90 were intertwined here too.

Keen-eyed folks would say this photo was taken from Beacon Hill, and they are technically correct. But I wasn’t standing in Dr. Jose Rizal Park. No, I was a few feet above Beacon Hill on the roof of the Pacific Tower!

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