Phoenix Skyline at Sunset

Phoenix Skyline at Sunset

Saturday, July 24, 2010
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The Phoenix skyline glows early in the night against a beautiful pink sunset. This particular part of the Phoenix skyline is known as Midtown or the Central Avenue Corridor.  Some even call it Uptown. Here you can find some of Phoenix’s great mid-century modern architecture as well as art galleries and awesome new restaurants. Midtown Phoenix has become quite a hub for modern living and nightlife which is great to see. At least I think so.

This is one of my favorite and most popular photos of downtown Phoenix. I was fortunate to catch the last bit of sun reflecting on the buildings before it finally set behind the White Tank mountains. There was also something unique about the shelf of clouds hovering over the west valley.

This photo of the Phoenix skyline was taken from the roof of the Optima Biltmore Towers at 24th Street at Camelback. A good friend once lived at this condominium complex and I loved photographing downtown Phoenix from this vantage point.  From there I could see an unobstructed view from the Superstition Mountains in the east to the White Tanks in the west. Getting up high to photograph in Phoenix is difficult unless you hike or are trespassing. So I was very fortunate and have been able to shoot from this place while I was able.

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