Horseshoe Lake Dam at Sunset

Horseshoe Lake Dam at Sunset

Wednesday, February 22, 2017
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Horseshoe Lake Dam is my favorite dam of all. It has a wide and long spillway where water from Horseshoe Lake flows over and down into a small canyon of rocks. Once the water hits these rocks, dozens of small and unique waterfalls are formed. One of the most unique things about this dam is the walkway under the spillway. You can actually walk from one side of the Verde River to the other via a walkway under the spillway. You can almost reach out and touch the falling water above you.

The dam at Horseshoe Lake was built by Phelps Dodge in the early 1940s and now managed by the Salt River Project. Horseshoe Lake Dam stands 144 high and is 1500 feet wide.

This photo of Horseshoe Lake Dam was shot from my little Mavic Pro drone on a random Wednesday night after work. My wife and I heard that the spillway was flowing thanks to the abundant winter rains we received in Arizona. After work we headed up to Horseshoe Lake in hopes of catching some beautiful photos and video. On the drive north, the skies were gray and overcast. I was a bit sad. However once we arrived, a small piece of sky opened up on the horizon letting through some beautiful sunlight allowing for this awesome sunset.

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