Downtown Phoenix skyline at sunset from Tempe

Downtown Phoenix skyline at sunset from Tempe

Tuesday, April 22, 2014
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This photo of the downtown Phoenix skyline was taken from the rooftop pool area of the Marriott Residence Inn Tempe Downtown/University. From here you can see a wonderful view of the west valley from South Mountain to the Bradshaws. You can also watch airplanes fly into Sky Harbor airport from the east, however they are far enough away to not disturb. And of course, you get this awesome view of the downtown Phoenix skyline below the White Tank Mountains.

Large canvas prints of my Tempe photos are used at this hotel in the lobby and throughout the building. While visiting the hotel after its construction I was given a key to the roof and lucky for me, I had my camera. After opening the door to the rooftop, I was treated to this incredible sunset above the White Tank mountains and the downtown Phoenix skyline silhouetted inside them.

I always cherish the rare times I get to photograph the Phoenix area from high above and this was no exception. I think I stood here for what felt like an hour gazing at the sunset and buildings downtown. It’s too bad sunset only lasts a few minutes.

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