Cumberland Falls State Park in Kentucky

Cumberland Falls State Park in Kentucky

Friday, July 22, 2016
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One of the main things I wanted to experience on my epic 2016 road trip were waterfalls. I don’t see many waterfalls and rivers living in the desert southwest, so it was quite a treat each time I ran across even the smallest waterfall. Cumberland Falls however is certainly not a small waterfall. Nicknamed “Niagra of the South, Cumberland Falls has an average height of 68′ and spans 125′ wide.

My visit to Cumberland Falls State Resort Park could not have been better. My wife and I had already visited some beautiful sights in Kentucky earlier in the day and we were ready to find a motel in Lexington to rest. While gassing up though, I simply Googled for “Kentucky waterfalls” and up came Cumberland Falls as the number one search result. After a few minutes of browsing photos of the waterfall, I was determined to make it there before the sun went down.

We arrived at Cumberland Falls State Resort Park about 30 minutes before the sun went down. It was lightly drizzling and most people visiting the park were changing out of their wet clothes from swimming and heading to their cars. I grabbed my camera gear and quickly walked to a few of the viewpoints. I finally found a terrific spot to photograph Cumberland Falls from high above with just a bit of light left in the sky. I considered myself very lucky to get here in time to experience this beautiful place.

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